wisewomanjudith's Journal

I'm full of opinions, and sometimes rude.

I am a kind of Irish ReConstructionist, an aggressive wildlife-friendly gardener, a biologist and technician, a found-art artist (I make things out of junk), and I read a lot.

I only read spec fic in which the characters are speaking conventional English, although I will allow dialect. I particularly like the Urban Fairy genre. I am very fond of low-violence dated English mysteries, although I also like regional (set in a specific area and culture) stories. Dickens and Austin are particular favourites, although I like both both eras generally.
I read in my religion although I strongly prefer anthro/archeo fact to woo-woo UPG; I provide myself with plenty of that out of my own head.

The Gulf War I (among other things) drove me to emigrate to Canada. I am an enthusiastic immigrant and not at all fond of the country I came from, although I like some parts of it and some specific people there.