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Happy Hallowe'e'n

After the smooth-running inaugural ritual of the Lake of Oaks ProtoGrove, I had Matthew take a photo

After some thought, I decided to use the clamshell 'well' rather than a bowl of water. We lit a fire in the cauldron with a fake log that Mike scavenged from the river shore the day before. For now, I used the fire staff as the Bile, but I plan to make a better representation for the future-- we inset a bit of plumbing pipe in the cleft between the rocks for the staff to sit in. The silver cup is Sheena's clan cup that they used in their wedding and we used as the repository for our beloved names. The Neep Lantern is the Spirit of the Season.....

You can see the offering horn tipped upside-down against the Hallowe'e'n Rock and the very edge bit of me wearing the black feather cloak at the L edge of the photo.

We had a small but brave cluster of home-grown pumpkins to ward the house

We have to redirect the Fuckies from the front door to the side for treats. The flag is hung on a recycled Green Party lawn sign frame.

After the candy pirates, I set out the offerings for my Loved Dead

This is the next morning, and the turnip DID vomit red wax out hir mouth-- isn't that cool?!?!

Then this morning we had Yule Cat Day,

even Baby has socks and a toque. The adults also got artistic tees as well.

Maybe later I'll write up about the ritual and the omen and store a copy in the purple Lake of Oaks zipper archive notebook as well as post it.

And may Sam Hain, the chaos god of fundie misrepresentation, step lightly on all our Winters :-)

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Nice! I also carved a turnip this year.
my beloved dead got muffins and vodka.....

congrats on the first official lake of oaks ritual
I LOVE the red wax! haha!
Congratulations on the ritual.