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Made Something :-)

So, on of the things I do on dates with my crazy/dead husband is walk down to the Ottawa River
( google-map 'Parkway at woodroffe ottawa canada' to see, it's lovely) and he, because he is hyper-aware of his surroundings, picks up stuff from the flotsam and jetsam.

Some time ago, he picked up a gull's foot. I put it in a desiccant sand (like any good Canadian, in a rinsed-out Timmy's cup) and because part of his soul-making endeavors is to believe in the Gods and specifically to associate with Manannán Mac Lir because of the crossing and liminal space I offered to made him an altar.

Using a box, National Geographics

A tiny ceramic knife to cut out photos, a crease-maker

A gluestick and the excellent glaze recommended by the lj group 'fur hide and bone'.
As well, the fabulous art by Raverari (http://ravenari.deviantart.com/)

'Seagull as Totem'

The outside of the box is Sky

And I devised a bindrune

Which says

On the journey
To freedom, strength
And understanding (gradual understanding/kenning)
Bring me joy
Let it be so (Isa is always in a bindrune)

Which ended up on the front

The inside flap is the Seagull invoking Manannán

And the inside of the box is Sea (or the Ottawa River, which I see as coastal)

With the gull's foot

And two flying seagulls

To anchor and hide the wire tags on the bottom of the box suspending the foot inside and to satisfy my wish to slide in a dragon for myself, the bottom has a Komodo on it

So that's my latest.

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