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Urban Farming

Rain-barrel technology has advanced since we bought the now-leaking one several years ago. Firstly, it's made of a new-age plastic with tiny glittery colour bits (this is the spiral resulting from drilling out the bung-hole)

"I'm not sure about this technology" says David

Secondly, the delivery system has evolved from 'shorten the downspout till water pours through the hole you cut in the lid' to 'slice a big hunk out of the downspout and attach a rain diverter'

But with the added benefit of sending the water back out the spout when the barrel's full.

This is the new huge barrel for the front, where it will water the vegetable beds and the new, planned, mint bed. We also replaced the old leaky barrel in the back with a smaller faux terra-cotta one

It waters the 'woodland' under the big pine trees.

"I understand this technology" says Littlest Gardener

The overgrown discount Sage is now nestled between the big rocks but the photo didn't come out, so here is Turtlehead instead.

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