judith (wisewomanjudith) wrote,

2 weeks of photo updates

Here's the new, small computer shadowed by the old glitchy computer:

We're still working out how to use it for reals.

Soooooooooo, last week at the market I was tempted by a gorgeous orange-tipped rose:

As well, the team finally put together the double Adirondack chair:

This week's task is to put stones under the legs to prevent rot.

And this is last week's harvest:

At the market this week, there was a good price on 3 pots of plants:

The 2 beautiful Phloxes:

are going to replace some of the uninspired pale pink Phloxes I have in abundance:

which I am going to transplant to the edge of the trees in the back.

This Summer the red Bee-Balm failed almost completely although the lavender ones next-by are fine:

so the Red Bee-Balm:

is going in that hole in the garden.

This week's tea is going to be Anise-Hyssop:

which has a distinct liquorice taste....
do youse think that Anise and a neutral taste (like Wild Basil which tastes like black tea) or Anise and a lemon taste (Lemon Balm or Lemon Verbena or Lemon Savoury) would be better?

By next week I hope that Matthew will have figured out how the posting-photos-onto-lj works-- I have posted this from his lap-top and he uses a non-querty keyboard, which brings new meaning to hunt-and-peck typing..... but to close, gratuitous frog!!:

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