judith (wisewomanjudith) wrote,


Pavarotti and the Tinker's Child asked me to make a Found-Art trophy for the Bardic contest at the upcoming Druidic Festival, so I did.

I had this very nice broken blue-glass vase, which suggested to me art growing out of the broken. The stalk is a swizzle stick with some leaves and a bird wired on. The blossom is a tea-light holder (from Ikea) with the bird's nest for fun.

I wanted to have the function be 'tea-light holder' because of the traditional description of the creative process, "Fire in the Head". Sheena thinks that she can find a blue-flame electronic tea light in her baggage (which would be ideal) but if not then I'll snitch one from around the house for the presentation.

The whole:

The inscription:

The beads etc:

Now to buy foods for the festival and wash all the clothes. And pack.
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