judith (wisewomanjudith) wrote,

Nice expedition, great Magical Gew-Gaw

So Saturday David and I went to 2 Farmers' Markets--
Organic Farmers' Market which was serious but comprehensive, where we bought kefir
and some popping corn.

However, the Main Farmers' Market (on Main Street, not the primary market) was, while not 'organic', strictly local and much more festival-like. There I bought Shrimp Spring Rolls (which were dee-lish!) and admired the wood-carver's fabulous kitchen implements. David considered elk-meat pepperettes but had not quite enough money.

So I've written a proposal to them for vending fresh herbs.

Then I dropped David at home to sleep (he works nights) and went on to the Psychic Expo which I had discovered was this weekend AND just down the street from me. The organizer apologized and promised to send me stuff for the Fall one (Labour Day weekend) and the Spring one (which will be back in the Congress Centre, Gail, and the end of April)

While I was there I was compelled to buy this skull tchotchke:

Because not only way cool but I can store stuff IN HIZ BRAIN!!

Looking at the garden today I realized that one thing I can sell is packaged Violets.....
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