judith (wisewomanjudith) wrote,


Knowing what they will look like I took a photo of the Anemones in the front as buds last week:

Yesterday I took a bigger-buds shot:

When I went out this morning they looked much the same, but when I went out @ 3 to cut some Squill to take to Glenda's they looked like this:

Had the usual wonderful dinner at Glenda's and then went on to see 'A Comedy of Errors'. Not only did they do it in modern dress, but they used modern music etc-- when one of the sets of twins was out doing the town they went to a Star Wars convention and were dancing with a flock of Darth Vaders and later threatening people with light-sabres. Many of the incidental bit-part party-ers were trans-dressed men which was interesting because (as I pointed out to the gathered Dramatics) in Shakespeare's time they would have been cross-dressed men as well. Very authentic bawdiness, and a good time was had by all.
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