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First Vending Day!

Rae clubbed in with me and allowed us to use her far larger car to get there-- we both had a great time and did well. It's a breezy corner and although the market has put canopy-foot-anchors into the parking lot they often don't line up and in our case are incompatible with our canopy's feet. So last year I conceived the idea of bringing a hanging planter (well-watered the day before for weight). Not only did it stabilize the canopy but in those occasional gustsI was able to grab it from the sitting position.

Also, the week before we had gone to Goodwill for books and a birthday chair for David and he brought to my attention the wooden box-- it is actually meant to stand on edge and be a group of display shadow boxes, but turned on its side it keeps the fresh herbs from blowing around, and looks sooooo professionally farmerish that we sold way more of them.

I also made Mojito Mint and Lime Balm sun tea, drank lots and gave out samples, thus selling the tea.

The guy next to us sold delicious bacon buns, which I had for breakfast this morning.

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