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The Zen of Gardening

Enthusiastic Gardener was a star!

Something that is important to me is how the garden looks. I spend quite a lot of time sitting and looking myself, and thinking about what is optimal.

So, it was garden-chore day. First, we do the very front. I do something to the curb-side strip every time we have a work-day so that the most publicly visible part of the garden remains nize. This time, we pulled out allllll the Queen Anne's Lace that had tucked itself between the plants and the curb and made the front garden look much more kempt.

Then, because of the Lazar Day-Star, we had to do things that were sited in the shade.

E Gardener piled up dirt along the path edge of the newly refurbished Stone River and planted some seeds in it so it will look more integrated.

In the deepest shade part of the Woodland Garden, a pile of sticks had built up over the last year, and we moved them to the other side of the fence. Raked out the leaves, and planted some woodland seeds in the duff.

This is the only 'before' photo I remembered to take

See the dead branches above the castle?
This happens naturally as trees grow but only in maintained gardens are they pruned off.

Matthew was out with Long-Handled Saw/Biter

But Enthusiastic Gardener was stellar:
He climbed up the Red Pine Bird Feeder-Tree!!!!

He laboriously sawed off both of the big dead branches; this is the biggest one:

Matthew could not compare,

But he had fun with the Wand O'Prune.

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