judith (wisewomanjudith) wrote,


My computer is really broken although I can (and am at this very moment) use a sketchy and non-personalized iteration.

I am on a waiting list for an i-pad http://store.apple.com/us/browse/home/shop_ipad/family/ipad?mco=OTY2ODA0NQ
which because it is so cutting-edge and popular is sold out downtown. It seems like the cheapest way to get to the limited computer functions I need as well as allowing wubbing on the back deck :-)

Someone apparently jacked my e-mail list for which I apologize.

I cannot add fhotos of flowers or others at this time (see sketchy above) but Matthew and Sheena built the double-Adarondak-chair kit AND I have purple Holly-Hock in bloom.

The gardens are going gang-busters, both veg and herb.
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