judith (wisewomanjudith) wrote,

Gardens this week

The Peonies, the flower for whom 'blowsy' is the perfect word in form and in colour and in rose-like smell, are full out:

So are the Cranesbill/Wild Geranium, although the colour doesn't come up as well in a photo:

Blue-weed also:

In the white group, the hybrid Elder is in flower:

This cultivar isn't so smellatious as the native, so I'm leaving it to go to berries and then I'll dry them and then use them as tea ingredient.

In the mixed group is Valerian (tall and next to the fence) along with Shasta Daisies and Angelica (the green 'architectural' plant):

Also green are the Lady's Mantle:

David thinks that we should have a poster of the front of the house as a part of the 'tiny urban farm' display-- while now is nice:

I'm holding off until the tall bright yellow Yarrow (just starting to colour up) is in full fling.
The gardens are doing well, though:

And the Goddess is present-- while gardening today we saw first a tiny Rabbit (who had been hiding in the Rampant Tomatillo until we started messing with the weeds in it) and then (to the delight of the Small Girl Gardeners) two verrrrrrry tiny babies over by the hedge.
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