judith (wisewomanjudith) wrote,

Several photos included...

With one mighty blow of his hurley:

David felled a tree:

Which is a poetic way of saying that David smashed the Elder bush with his hurley ball (right through the fence, which IS impressive). Although Paddy Dubd was not present.

Soooooooooo, this morning I woke up and rolled over to look out the window. Even without glasses, I said, "That rain doesn't look right...." With glasses it was apparent that it was snowing, although lightly.

Which we can portray poetically as:

Hunger Dog eats Daffodils


Punk Rock Bad-Ass eats Tulip

Really, though, it's not that bad. It IS only April:

Just to show, I've been doing what the Garden Mags call 'hardscaping' that is, messing about with rocks:

That is what we call 'the pebble stream'. Here is a finished portion of hardscaping, the Stone Bench, Standing Stones, and walkway:

'Cause stone placed on stone--- is a good thing:

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